Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Genius Gives Hard Drive Full With Apple Confidential Data To A Customer (Proof)

The day before we told you about the another fail about Apple in the second year. They did the same mistake which they did last year with iPhone 4. The Designer of Apple dropped the iPhone 4 in a Bar and this time some one else dropped the iPhone 4S/5 in a bar in Mexico. Either this is a new marketing strategy adopted by Apple or they want the prototype to be shown to the public before it is released.

This was something else and could be located after the one who got the prototype posts on some web or blog. But the mistake made by Apple Genius Store by giving the Confidential Data to a Customer is something really insane. Some one tipped this information to folks at cultofmac that the person walked out of his local Apple Store a Hard Disk including the time machine backup of  of the Apple Store’s internal file server, filed with top secret and confidential Apple Store documents.

The best part is that Apple gave him the Hard Drive. That’s really weird. How can some one do a such big mistake.

The Story goes like this:

Our tipster tells us that when his Mac was having problems, he brought it in for an appointment with the Genius Bar at the local Stamford, Connecticut Apple Store, which took it in to be fixed.

A couple days later, he was called to pick up his Mac. However, because it needed its hard drive replaced, his system had been totally wiped. When our tipster picked up his Mac, the Genius also handed him a hard drive, which he assumed was his old dead HDD.

When our tipster actually plugged the HDD into a USB enclosure to see if any of his old files could be salvaged, though, he says he found something very different: a complete Apple Retail Store server Time Machine backup disk containing secret internal docs dating from late 2009 to May 2011!

What’s on this disk? According to our tipster, “confidential docs, internal manuals, Apple’s sales technics, an Apple store work checklist, products layout, time schedules, pictures and videos of Apple corporate activities that only Apple employees can see, videos of store meetings, business structure and much much much more.”

“I always wondered what went on behind that big doors on the back of Apple Store,” our tipster writes. He never imagined he’d find out this way.

Below some images which were sent to cutofmac.


The volumes in question were called “/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2009-11-23-095346/HD1/Server Users” & “/Volumes/apple store/Backups.backupdb/teamserver/2011-05-18-141707/HD1/Users/admin”.

This is the Epic Fail which has been ever made by some Apple Store yet. They made a such big mistake by replacing the hard disk which no one can ever imagine. The person who got the Hard Disk would be enjoying Apple confidential data. This might include any details about the release of iPhone 4S/5 or any thing related to Apple hardware or iOS.