Sat. May 21st, 2022

Apple Forced To Permanently Kill iCloud Push Services In Germany

You may not be aware of the iCloud Push Email crackdown by Motorola Mobility against the Apple in Germany, but the truth is Germany iOS users are not much lucky to use push notifications on their devices, as Apple was forced by officials to hold the push notification services on iCloud mail in the Germany borders, as Motorola sues Apple on the patent infringing case in the land, and claims that Apple has been using Motorola’s owned patent in their iCloud iOS Mail app, and seeks for the injunction against the patent infringement. However, the case was registered in the court, and reportedly today announced in the favor of Motorola.

german icloud push notifications

Apple is today failed to achieve victory on the push notification services in Germany, and now ordered to pay Motorola damages for the use of their technology in the iOS for push notifications. The German officials forced Apple to pull down its Push Notification in the region, back in February, until the final case announcement, and now according to the today’s final case announcement, Apple is not allowed to provide push notifications to iOS users inside the German borders, but the service will remain active in them, as they now have to manually open the iOS Mail app on their iPhone and iPad to push emails on the devices.

Motorola claimed that Cupertino Company, Apple had been widely using its technology in the iCloud and MobileMe email services on their iOS devices, and seeks Apple to pay for it, means they want Apple to license the technology or go with their own. However, we believe that Apple will never go to license the technology, instead it will introduce its own unique method of fetching push email services on the iOS devices for iCloud. The third party push notification services from Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail will work properly, as they have no contact with Apple’s used technology.

The banned services will be enabled and restore back on your devices, once you go away from the German borders, but in the meantime while staying in German; you have to fetch the emails manually on your devices.