Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Apple Fixes The Gevey SIM Baseband Unlocking In iOS 5 Beta 2

Remember we have reported you on the release of iOS 5 beta 1 that the beta is still affected by the Gevey SIM and allows you unlock on the iOS 5, last night Apple has issued the 2nd beta of iOS 5 to the developers alongside with iTunes 10.5 beta 2 which comes up with new features and restrictions on the first moment we only noticed few changes but now after few hours, we found out the bad news for those guys who were relies on the carrier unlock. MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has just tweeted few minutes ago, on which he saying that Apple has finally fixed the Gevey SIM hole in iOS 5 beta 2 means no more carrier unlocking on iOS 5 with Gevey SIM/Pro, Gevey Ultra/Supreme/Pro Plus. MuscleNerd also says there are now chances of UltraSn0w unlock because Apple didn’t fixed the main hole of ultrasn0w.

This time we have no more details and words on the report, we just writing it quickly to inform those people who were relies on the carrier unlock and want to test iOS 5 beta 2, reportedly iOS 5 beta 2 enables wireless syncing and can’t make the way to communicate with those devices which running on the iOS 5 beta 1. If you want to download iOS 5 beta 2 and iTunes 10.5 beta 2, please head over to our download section.