Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Apple Finished Testing 15-Inch LCD For Ultrathin MacBook Pro

It appears that Apple has been working on the new Ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook Pro LCD, and has just finished the testing phase of the new 15-inch LCD of MacBook Pro. According to a report by Japanese based blog, Apple has finished the testing of new 15-inch LCD units for the new Ultra-thin MacBook Pro. The report also hints on that Apple is on a way to produce a 15-inch Macbook Air, which was recently rumored by the sources.

From a long time, Apple was rumored to be working on the ultra-thin MacBook Pro 15-inch model, and the company was also spotted by the sources in the past while testing of the ultra-thin display for the new MacBook Air.

The blog also claims that this new MacBook Pro model will not get the Optical drives, same as MacBook Air models. Apple has been working for a long time to quit the using of Optical drives in their products, earlier this year we have seen that Apple launches its next generation of Mac OS X Lion over the internet, and they didn’t produce any disc for the OS installation. The new ultra-thin MacBook Pro was also rumored back in July to be in the last testing stages, and now after the today’s report it seems that now they are pushed to production stage of the units.