Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Files For Iphone5.Com Domain Name With WIPO

You cannot have more clues or hits about what the brand Apple may have in line for you for the next iPhone. The latest and much talked of tidbit is in the form of domain name i.e. as it is seen that Apple has now filed claim with WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization. Till date, the brand’s Smartphones have counted up to iPhone 4S only, but now the brand is believed to be being all set to bring the iPhone 5 in front of the audiences as well.

What is the claim actually about?

But this may even be just the effort by the brand to avoid the confusions among users who may believe that the domain is actually owned by the company or is in any way affiliated to the brand. WIPO is indeed the United Nations agency which safeguards the intellectual property like instances of the alleged cyber-squatting.

The domain name domain name was actually registered in the year 2008 through the registrar that was based in Australia. The website presently has some Smartphone ads and message boards regarding iPhones.

As there are no exact specifications, WIPO filing suggests that the brand is actually considering iPhone5 name for its next iteration of the device. Or it just wants to take the domain even if it gives any name to the upcoming iPhone device.

Even the copyright statement shows that it is not sponsored, endorsed or affiliated with the brand and the point that it was just made for the main purpose of knowledge and entertainment.

iPhone 5 domain name and other talks

Much speculation and talks about the upcoming iPhone, how it will look like and what features it will have are rampant nowadays. A number of Apple fans and bloggers have started calling the new device iPhone 5 as no official name is declared as of now.

Apple and domain names history

Apple has in fact done the battle before as well to take the possession of domains and domain names to safeguard good name for its devices. After filing the compliant with WIPO, the brand was in fact able to get control of 7 iPhone domain names and this included the as well as the

With release of third gen iPad this March, Apple actually selected to eschew the conventional numbering system through introducing the gadget as new iPad instead of iPad 3. This in fact led some people to believe that the brand will call the next iPhone gadget as “new iPhone”.

Whether the new iPhone will have the iPhone 5 as its title, the brand’s plan for domain name now makes pure sense provided huge buzz that is seen online.