Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Filed Complaint To Block The Import Of Samsung Smartphones and Tablets

Already lot of drama happened here between the Apple and Samsung over lawsuits against each other, in last week we have seen that Samsung requested to the International Trade Commission by filling an official complaint against Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod import, and now this week report comes from the tables of Bloomberg that Apple has flipped the scene of Samsung and filled out the official complaint to International Trade Commission for asking them to block the import of Samsung’s Tablets and smartphones. Apple especially mentioned some devices of Samsung in the report such as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, Infuse 4G, DROID Charge and Nexus S 4G.



This legal drama start back in April when Apple filed a lawsuit against the Samsung that they copied the design of iPhone and their other iOS Devices and said that the can do anything to protect its own intellectual property. In another report Apple requested to U.S court to see the unreleased products of Samsung.