Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Failed To Launch iTunes Match By End Of October

It appears that Apple missed out to come by its self announced dead line for the launch of iTunes new additional service called iTunes Match. During the keynote at “Let’s Talk iPhone” event on which they release iPhone 4S announced that the service launch is pushed to the end of October due to some last minute back-end issues, but as we all know they didn’t release the service and new version of iTunes 10.5.1 yet with support of new iTunes Match.

iTunes Match is said to be the new service by Apple, which allows you to scan your iTunes library and match with the Apple’s library in order to make them available on cloud, and automatically allow you to download the matched songs on the air, means on their iCloud service. The service is set to cost $25/ year, which seems to be a pretty promising price from Apple.

The reason behind the delay in iTunes Match launch is still unknown, might be a last minute backend error with the service. We are still keeping our eyes on the Tim Cook’s and his team move regarding the iTunes Match. It’s worthy note here that iTunes Match is currently available in iTunes 10.5.1 betas to some developers, while last week Apple announced to developers that they will again wipe out the all iTunes Match. This hints on the imminent launch of the iTunes Match to the public.