Apple hit today U.S Patent and Trademark Office with another application patent with name of “Systems and Methods for Electronically Controlling the Viewing Angle of a Display”. The original inventor of this technology David Gere, describes the interesting privacy mode which activates the function that directs the light beams in different directions, preventing a person close to glance on the display and only allow those users to view the screen content who sits in front of it.

Patently Apple explains it more:

The new privacy option mode only allows those directly in front of the display to view its content. Anyone on the periphery would simply see a blank display. A number of professions may find this feature very appealing. The patent also vaguely points to this technology being used in association with a future pico-like projection system and/or 3D holographic display.

Well, after hearing about this technology you must be curious about it to know, How it works? So, 9to5mac has described it works a little more:

The trick for locking out peripheral viewing is a simple one, Apple argues. Picture elements comprising the display could be controlled by directing a light beam towards a liquid crystal material and steering it via microscopic mirror-like structures that apply a variable electrical control signal to the liquid crystal material.


So now what you think about this act by Apple, Is it useful for you?