Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Apple Eats Microsoft Profitably

As we told you before that the App Store has touched the heights plus Android Marketing is following App Store. After that report here is another cracking news in which it’s clearly defined that Apple has surpassed Microsoft according to the profit. This news got on fire when Microsoft today released it’s Q3 2011 financial results in which they had a net profit of $5.23 Billion while Apple have a net profit of $5.99 Billion. $0.76 Billion matters in business guys, and this got high because of the release of iPad and iPhone 4. Tech Crunch gave a sentence which includes the calculation of the net profit (PRO) 😛

Last October, despite Apple pulling ahead in revenue, the profit gap was about $1.1 billion in Microsoft’s favor. Last quarter, that gap was down to roughly a $600 million. And now, rather remarkable, it’s over $700 million in the other direction — a $1.3 billion swing in just one quarter. And you can probably expect that trend to continue.

Meanwhile, on the revenue side of things, Apple now holds a roughly $8 billion advantage — $24.6 billion to $16.43 billion. And in market cap, Apple’s advantage is just about $100 billion — $318.45 billion to $224.43 billion.


We know that Bill Gates use to work at Apple, and Windows was the reason of Microsoft which declined Apple but changing really matters… MAC OS X always have a change while according to leaks of Windows 8, Microsoft is really trying hard to make a change 😉 We can say that Apple took it’s fame back from Microsoft and one more thing this could be a reason of partnership between Nokia and Microsoft becasue Microsoft want to get new things out as fast as possible to get back in the race O_O