Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple EarPods Headphone: All You Need to Know

Apple EarPods

Apple costumers have always had only a little to complain with the company providing them with the cutting edge technology products. However, the in-ear headphones that are shipped with iPhones and iPads have a lot wanting in them. The sound quality has nearly been average and bass has been non-existent. Also, at high volumes the sound is almost robotic.

It was a well known fact that Apple Inc. was coming out with a brand new headset today, however it was hardly known that the firm had spent almost three years on the design of the same. The latest headphones from Apple, have been dubbed as the EarPods.

According to the head of the iTunes division, Greg Joswaik, “ making great headphones is a big task especially since ears are challenging and everyone has different sizes and they have to make only one size”.Apple EarPods

He added the fact that it would be something similar to design shoes fitting everyone’s ears, but the company has tried to something like that.

In a promotional video in the Apple event surrounding the release of the iPhone 5, the firm revealed the new headphones that are a substantial improvement on the previous ones.

The Earpods have been engineered for a superior acoustic accuracy and will come with a remote and a Mic. Also the balance and clarity have been significantly improved upon.

Unlike most other headphones, they will have two different drivers for high performance. This will include a woofer for handling the bass and a tweeter which will cater to high-frequency audio. This shall enhance the accuracy and give the sound a detailed stretch over the complete sonic spectrum. Also, they will cut down the outside noises to a drastic extent.

The ear tips made of silicon and are very soft and will fit snugly and create a seal from the outside. Also, there is a stainless steel mesh cap which can easily prevent any dust or debris entering the headphones. A convenient carrying case for the same has also been introduced.

They have a frequency range of 5 Hz to 21 kHz and come with a four conductor 3.5 mm                 audio jack for connector. The remote will be supported by iPod Shuffle.

Customers are hoping that they will sound much better and they will fit better as against the present ones that are not up to the level of the iPhone at least.

The newly designed EarPods will come as a standalone accessory and will be included along with every iPhone 5, iPod touch and iPod Nano. Hopefully, they will suit the taste of the music lovers.