Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Double Crossed iOS Developers Serve iOS 5 Final Build To Carriers

Apple has been already setting up a new record on its own history with iOS 5 betas, we have never seen iOS betas more than 5 or 6, but this time Apple has left down its tradition and sends out the beta 7 of iOS 5, from the recent released beta we can easily assume that Apple has done up everything with its upcoming iOS 5 and now only giving final touches to the next generation iOS and also covering the time frame to release iOS 5 with its next generation iPhone 5.  A new tidbit appears earlier in morning from the sources of 9to5mac, who believes that Apple has seeded a special version of iOS 5 “near-final” most likely a GM of iOS 5. According to the sources, this build of iOS 5 also carries some different features from the build that seeded to developers, so far guys have noticed that near-final build contains “FaceTime over 3G” and new feature of iOS Nuance’s Speech To Text:

We have already reported about Nuance’s Speech to Text feature many times here, and already show up the leak pictures of the application, with enabled feature, you will get a new button of microphone in your keyboard, which let you to speak and convert it to text.  Many sources have claimed the same function of Nuance since May, when it actually appears in the iOS 5.