Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Delayed iOS 5.0.2 Update To Fix Memory Leak Issues

Last week we have reported about the claim of popular German website, which claimed that their sources informed them that Apple has been readying up the iOS 5.0.2 update for the iOS users to fix the main battery drainage issue across the devices, as well as all highlighted bugs in the iOS 5.0. It appears by following their original report regarding the iOS 5.0.2, now says the iOS 5.0.2 update is delayed and won’t be coming this week.

iOS 5.0.2 updated

As reported by the original source regarding the launch of iOS 5.0.2, it is reported that Apple has been facing some critical memory leak’s issues on the internal iOS 5.0.2 update, and require a bit work to solve out all bugs before kicking out in the public via their newly introduced OTA updates.

The site was, firstly, hinted this week about the launch of iOS 5.0.2 to address the battery bug on iOS 5, which has been already 90% fix with the little hangout of the time zone settings in the iOS 5. iOS 5.0.2 also seems to be carry the some security fixes in the iOS 5 core, which may prevent further jailbreaking.