Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Apple Cuts The Refurbished iPad Price To $299

Apple has also joined the party of its reseller, currently it was reported that many reseller’s of iOS devices around the globe has cuts the price of Apple’s iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, but no one thinks about the Apple’s iPad 1st generation. Apple has just cut down the price of 1st gen refurbished iPad on its official website, to $299 with free shipment. In refurbished model of iOS devices, Apple sale them with same warranty as new ones and also gives a new battery and aluminum outer shell for the device.


It seems that Apple has took this step in order to still compete with HP, this weekend HP kills its WebOS and newly launched tablet named “TouchPad” and in order to clear the stock they cut down the price to $99, and by this step of HP we have seen a lot of hype among the people for TouchPad, so its clear that Apple has also come up with their lowest price offer for iPad.