Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Cracking Down On Developers For Selling UDID Slots

As Apple releases new version of iOS to registered official developers, non-developer users start asking how they can access to the beta version of upcoming iOS and searching for the developers who provide them direct links to download the upcoming betas of iOS and sells the UDID slots to non-developers to make some money from their developers account. This year, when Apple releases its iOS 5 beta to developers, we reported that some websites also comes up with offering of registering UDID for cheap prices to install iOS 5 beta’s on their devices. But after serving 4 beta’s of iOS 5, now it is reported that Apple start taking action against those developers who sold their account device slots to the non-developers for some extra money. Apple start banning those developer accounts from their system, who sold the device slots to non developer unauthorized users iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch’s. According to the report, those device who registered through some developers account, and illegally hosting iOS 5 beta have been tracked down by Apple. On discovering illegal device slot registration from developer account, they are begun to sent email warning to the developers that they have found some illegal UDID registration of devices through their account.


In deep report, we found Apple has also start closing the developers account for some developers, who have been officially identified as a providing UDID registration to non-developer users, such as iMZDL.com, folks over there are fully known as udid registration.Apple has also reportedly flagged UDIDs associated with a developer account found in violation, making the device running iOS 5 “unusable


“Once Apple locks your iOS device, the phone will enter the initial setup mode asking you to connect to a WiFi network,” the report said. “And nothing happens more than that.”

This time we not know, what actually Apple will do with flagged iOS developers account and registered UDID’s device, but we must have to setup our mind that iOS 5 betas is only released for developers, and if you are one of those who registered UDID, start countdown, because anytime Apple will caught your UDID provider and will ban your device.