Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Apple Copies Android Ditched Home Button On iPad 3

We have seen many invitation cards from the Apple regarding the upcoming device model, and the todays sent out invitation to the iPad 3 launch event includes a shot of iPad that is highly expected to be a picture shot of the next generation iPad model. The invitation of the next generation iPad 3 is clearly shows of the sharp and smooth display of the device, according to the rumor Retina Display technology that was long rumored to be included in the iPad 3.

However including this basic information regarding the upcoming device from the invitation, an interesting point of the upcoming device is come in front of us, and the exact meaning of the message “And touch” in the invitation card. Earlier view of the invitation card only shows us the three basic icons on the device highlighting the event details such as calendar app referring to March 7th, the media event date.

ipad 3 without home button

While looking at the picture, it appears that the shot of the iPad 3 is taken in the portrait mode of the device rather than the landscape. But, it appears that there is a little silent message in this portrait mode of the upcoming device banner, if you have noticed the above embedded iPad 3 invitation card shot doesn’t features any Home button on the device, and as we have already stated above the device is seems to be in portrait mode not in landscape. It seems that Apple has finally made a strong step, and removed the Home button concept from the upcoming device, and therefore the upcoming device invitation card doesn’t feature any home button.

Last year, there were rumors who actively suggested us that Apple is about to ditch the home button concept in the iPad 2, and to launch a device without any button on the home screen but at last time we have seen Apple is still up with the old design, but this year it is appeared that Apple is also moving aggressively in the market to make its devices more competitor.