Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Considering To Acquire Hulu – iTunes Related Feature Coming?

A new report start flashing today over the web suggests that Apple is about to purchase the popular video playing service named “Hulu”. According to the report from Bloomberg, it is reported that Apple is considering to purchase the Hulu online video playing service, which has already up for sale from last few months, this news adds such spice in the last few rumor reports which suggests that Google was also thinking to buy Hulu. Analysts over the web thinks that if Apple purchase the Hulu than we will see a new iTunes related feature based on the Hulu. Apple also has their Apple TV platform, which they are still exploring, and this potential Hulu purchase would take that to the next level.



Standing alone in the market, Hulu has also iOS apps in App Store that is used to deliver their web contents to the iOS devices owners. In another report it was also hinted that they are working on the new platform, which allow them to deliver their content to Apple’s TV.