Sat. May 28th, 2022

Apple Confirms The Possibility Of 4G LTE iPhone To China Mobile

In the current goings, China becomes the main target of Apple to reach and expand its iOS devices in the land also to get more good known carriers in its list. We have seen couple of times that Apple has discussed with Chinese carriers over iPhone official launch in the land, and with it Apple has set many secret meetings with the different carriers officials over the iPhone launch and especially about the iPhone 5 where we have found carriers start spending heavy amount in the marketing material for iPhone launch. This time we have heard that China Mobile has got some success from Apple regarding the 4G LTE enabled iPhone. Chairman of China Mobile, Wang Jianzhou, has revealed today that they got positive answer from Apple to their request of launching 4G LTE enabled iPhone.

China Mobile is known as the world’s biggest carrier with having a 611 million subscribers, with having a biggest title they are in move to firstly adopt the 4G LTE network technology and along with it they want Apple’s next generation iPhone. We can’t assume or makes our hopes to high that the next upcoming iPhone will carry 4G LTE network, because in the past we have not found any clue about it also new Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said they are not excited to carry 4G technology earlier where it is not stable with most of the early launched smartphones.