Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Confirms The New iPad Launch at 8AM [PRESS RELEASE]

Right on the time, Apple officially announces today to cut off all the spreading rumors about the next iPad launching time with an official announcement. Apple has today released a press release claiming that the Apple Retail Stores will be opening on Friday at 8AM with exclusive stock of the next-generation iPad around the U.S. Apple had also recently rumored of launching a new grand Apple Retail Store in London, and the first launch time hint came from the folks over the new grand store. Earlier, it was reported by the local guys that Apple was planning to launch a new store on Friday at 8 AM, and the new grand store will also offer the new third-generation iPad in the country.

Moreover, into this rumors, yesterday we came across to a leak marketing signage material who openly confirms that Apple is about to open its door at 8 AM on Friday, March 16th with the third-generation iPad. In addition to the launch press release, Apple has also noted that the customers who going to get the new iPad on Friday, will also receive a free Personal Setup from the Apple Retail Store folks to get their new devices up and running. Apple has also promoted its Personal Pickup option in the press, and redirects the user to access the service through the Apple Store application for the iOS devices.

The Cupertino Company has also confirmed widely in the press that the third-generation iPad will be available from Best Buy, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Walmart and Target in the United States, while the device will also be available though the carriers in the US and UK, with 4G LTE network data plans. AT&T and Verizon have already confirmed to their users on the official websites that they the new iPad will be available by Friday with data plans.