Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Apple Confirms Steve Jobs To Unveil iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud At WWDC

Few days back, we have reported that Steve Jobs will be giving keynote at WWDC 2011 on June 6 but later sometime we got confirmation from one of our source that the news is wrong. But now today, Apple has released a press release and confirms that Steve Jobs will be on stage at WWDC 2011 on June 6 to unveil the iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and long rumored iCloud. According to all recent news and press releases of Apple, it’s rumored that we will only get software announcements on WWDC 2011, means no new hardware will be previewed.

At WWDC 2011, Apple will launch the new generation Mac OS X Lion and iOS 5 betas which will be set to seed to developers this summer, but the launch of iCloud, the cloud based music streaming service may still get time to launch, because it’s rumored that Apple is closing deals with large music publishers and it is also not clear yet, whether iCloud will be a separate music service or a part of the MobileMe services.