Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Apple Comes Up With New Industry Standard SIM card, Makes Reduced Sized SIM from Micro-SIM

According to the report of Reuters, Apple is come up with a new industry stand to make current SIM cards smaller and thinner to use it in the future slim mobile devices. The plan with which Apple comes, is to reduce the size of the current SIM cards, we have already using a reduce sized SIM card which is using in Apple’s iPhone 4 and dubbed as Micro SIM.

Report says, this time Orange carrier of UK has confirmed that they are going with Apple’s new industry stand of micro-micro SIM Card. Apple is currently in talk with other carrier companies for the new reduced sized micro-micro SIM card, if they got approval on this plan than we may found the new reduced sized SIM cards until the next year, because the implementation of this takes some time.