Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Apple Claims Lack of Multi User iPad Support Is The Known Issue

The much popular brand Apple has now made it to the headlines again by signaling that the compare is aware of the desire to have multiple users support on the iPad. Also, the company claims that the matter is under investigation by engineering team.

How it all came out?

This was indeed the response made by Apple to a developer who reached out to the company to report bug about the same. The developer, after numerous attempts, got an answer/reply from Apple finally that they are “looking into the matter”. Also, the Apple’s Bug Reporter incorporates the option to state that the submission is not bug report, it is just a suggestion.

So, what’s the plan now?

Apple has thus revealed its idea of opening up iPad to various users and saying that the one user thing is the “known issue”. In suggestion offered to Apple, the unnamed developer requested the brand to add support for the multi users of iPad on a single device.

The response that the developer got from the company stated that further investigation has been taken up and that it is the known issue that is duly considered by the engineers. It is good to note that the presently, the devices made by Apple are the one account type which means that they are the one user devices only.

iPad, though it is the at-home gadget, Apple is now considering the option of making it the multi user one so that everybody at home can use the device easily and without the need to buy another piece.

The developer also reported that they have also used the Apple’s Bug Reporter in order to submit the requests for many few features. But the latest standard form letter is in fact the first time when the company has responded to a submission like this from the developer.

What is expected and hoped?

It is further believed that the response or reply from Apple is not the indication that the brand may be now working on multi user option for iPad. In the year 2010, before iPad was announced in the official sense, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal that early prototype of this gadget was made to be shared by as well as customized for various users.

Last but not least, Apple was even said to have been considering having iPad to recognize the people through in built forward facing camera option. The report of 2010 said that it was not clear whether the specs and features will be included or not.

So, now, if you are the true Apple follower, you can look forward to use and enjoy the multi user support soon on your iPad.