Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple Claims There Is No Bug In iMessages iPhone App

Recently, after the public launch of the iMessages in the public with the release of iOS 5 along with iPhone 4S, a bug is appeared in the newly advertised “iMessage” service of Apple that allowed iMessage messages to be sent to a stolen iPhone, even after perform the complete reset and establishing a new iPhone with same connection and SIM card. However, earlier this week Gizmodo reported following the iMessage bug and highlighted a story of customer went to Genius Bar for help to fix its iPhone issue.

The Genius over the Apple’s Genius Bar applied some unapproved tricks to the device on which in result the customer started receiving the Genius iMessages on his iPhone. In the procedure, the Genius took his personal SIM on the customer iPhone to sort out his problem but after sorting out the problem, they both start experiencing slightly issue with their iMessages app on their devices. As the Gizmodo highlights the issue, The Loop’s talk with Apple’s representative to explain the kind of iMessage bug, and found out in return that Apple claims that it is not a iMessages bug.


“This was an extremely rare situation that occurred when a retail employee did not follow the correct service procedure and used their personal SIM to help a customer who did not have a working SIM,” Apple representative Natalie Harrison told The Loop. “This resulted in a temporary situation that has since been resolved by the employee.”

In short, Apple refused to claim that it is a bug in the protocol of iMessages, instead the representative says it happens due to performing protocol breach on the device, and it happened due to not following the correct protocol details provided to the Genius over Genius Bar. We also believe that the act of hooking up personal SIM into customers phone for solving out a problem is approved procedure by Apple, but it does mean that this was an “extremely rare situation.”

On another side, many users reported similar type of issues with iMessages experience, and henceforth we believe there might be a slight bug in the protocol which allows iMessages to be sent on the stolen iPhone as well.