Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Apple Block’s The Facetime & iMessage In UAE After KSA

Its not a new poke to the gulf folks because back in 2010 the gulf confernce leads the BlackBerry service to die but after a lot of pressure by the consumers lead gulf to handle an all new server for the BlackBerry services and today the same game has been played rather decision ahs been taken. The Gulf folks no more will be able to Facetime nor iMessage, bad news becasue this all is happening before the official launch of iPhone 4S.

Etisalat, the official UAE carrier first tweeted around the bad news and after that the second and the last carrier operator tweeted that the Apple has officially blocked the Facetime but the iMessage will run by the evening.

Saudi Arabia, the day iOS 4 launched Facetime was killed. In all these countries where official launch takes place lately,the grey market is done. Today its November 13, 2011 and the Apple haven’t updated there KSA nor UAE sites of iPhone but the iPhone 4S is still available. The Facetime can be done over WiFi but not over 3G/4G in these countries now as over before this all was dismissed in KSA. The imported iPhone’s have a high cost such as today’s iPhone 4S (16 GB) costs Saudi Riyal 3499 while the official one will cost you Saudi Riyal 2899 with out Facetime probably Siri too.

The conclusion ends with no tension because still you folks can Facetime or iMessage over WiFi, no one do’s by 3G/4G.