Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Beats Nokia To Become The World’s Top Smartphone Vendor

So finally Apple has reached its dreamed position officially Apple has beat Nokia to become the world’s top smartphone vendor. According to the report of Financial Times, Apple has officially beat Nokia by shipping more units shipments of their devices in the first quarter, where Apple has growing rapidly with large number of shipments, Financial Times writes in the report:

Shipments of Nokia smartphones declined by 34 per cent to 16.7m units, compared with the 20.3m iPhones shipped by Apple in its second quarter.
Apple was already the biggest smartphone maker by revenue and profits, but the April-June period marked the first time it had surpassed Nokia in volume.


From long time Apple is about to take over the market of smartphones from the biggest leaders Nokia and Research In Motion, Apple has surpassed the RIM sales in global market back in the third quarter of last year, and now this rapidly reaching the Nokia’s place by shipping more smartphones and claims to lead the market in past quarter of the year. Well Apple has face many times big competition from Android in last few years, but as we know there are lot of mobile vendors that ships Android with their devices and all of them has less than half sell of Apple.