Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Apple Aired New iPhone 4S “SIRI” TV Commercial (Video)

Today Apple officially Aired the new Ad Featuring, iPhone 4S “SIRI”. The ad simply tells about the new feature added to iPhone 4S which is SIRI. Those of who you got an iPhone 4S or are regular reader at freakgeeks would be aware of this feature. SIRI is made of artificial intelligence and helps you in your daily life works.

Below you can see the first commercial for the iPhone 4S and its personal assistant.


In the above commercial Apple has shown how SIRI is helping people in different ways. Some one is asking SIRI, how to knot a tie and some is asking to wake him up at this time or set a meeting for this day and time.

SIRI is no doubt the most amazing feature yet launched in iPhone 4S till now. Many people want this feature on their iPhone 4 also. So those who want this feature on their iPhone 4 must wait for the release of this, as the work is in progress for porting it to iPhone 4 for the time being.Till then say “Hello to the most amazing iPhone yet.”