Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Apple Actively Working On Solar Cells For iOS Devices

As we all know soon we will see PC free environment around us having any iOS device, Apple has already made it clear that they are working on the features to make PC free environment, on which users not have to connect their device to PC/Mac for syncing, all things will done by using their Wireless Syncing, which they will release it in next generation iOS 5. But do you ever think to charge your iPhone without connecting it to charger, well not it seems you will see this thing in future iOS devices. Today Digitimes report that Apple and Samsung both are working on to implement solar cells in future devices:

Samsung and Apple have been evaluating the possible niche market for solar-powered consumer products and considering the inclusion of Taiwan-based solar firms in their respective supply chains. However, according to Taiwan-based solar firms, these niche markets will need a longer time to develop.


In past, we found a patent filling from Apple which clearly hints that Apple is working on some wireless charging of their devices, means your Mac can charge all of the surrounded iOS devices, and also in past we learnt Apple is interested in it from a long time, and already publishes a patent where they claim to put solar cells underneath a mobile device screen. Well its pretty sure, we will not see this future in early coming iOS Devices like iPhone 5, but we can expect this future in iPhone 7 or iPad 5.