Fri. May 27th, 2022

Apple Accidentally Hint/Confirm The 3G Capable iPod Touch

In recent few days we hear couple of news about the iPod Touch with 3G capabilities and seen the evidence of it in the beta 4 of iOS 5, where Apple enables the cellular toggle switch. The rumors suggests that Apple is working on iPad 3G like iPod Touch on which users can access to web using 3G network. Today a report comes from the eagle eye user who caught the Apple’s iTunes page that contains the iPod Touch with 3G icon and signal strength in status bar. So what would you say about this? Is this is a hint from Apple that they are working on 3G network capable iPod Touch?


You can check the image by yourself, by pointing your browser to this address “”, you will see an iPod Touch with a small icon of 3G in the status bar, but one thing is missing, the cellular name. There is no cellular name in the status bar, such as AT&T and Verizon. Well this hint from Apple confirms the recent rumor news and evidence that Apple is working on 3G Capable iPod Touch