Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Apple Begins Massive Production Of New Macbook Pros With Ivy Bridge

Right after hearing the news that Intel is going to make its new Ivy Bridge processors on the market in two sessions, firstly they are going to launch the power hog processors with extra power in a month, and then they will launch the less power consuming ultra fast processors a month after the first processor series launch. It is now reported that Apple is also entering the new Macbook Pro 13’ and 15’ models in the massive production line scale, with having a possibility to use the Intel’s next gen Ivy Bridge processors in the 2012 models of MacBook Pro and Macbook Air.

Digitimes reported that Apple ramping up its Macbook Pro 15” production in April, but the smaller 13.3” Macbook Pro model will not enter in the production line until June. Digitimes noted that Apple is more interested in 13.3” Macbook Pro model than 15” Macbook Pro model, and the order for Macbook Pro 13.3” is also bigger in numbers than the 15” model.  However, it is hard to predict the sales or quota regarding the Macbook models as the company has a typical mix record in the past with Macbook sales.

The Digitimes report makes pretty sense with the yesterday’s report of claiming that Intel is going to make its processor in the public by the last week of April, so there are highly chances that Apple will get its hand on the ultra new processors for its Macbook Pro models. It had been rumored in the past that Apple has delayed its Macbook Pro production couple of times to include the new-generation Ivy Bridge processors in the new series.

However, Digitimes has yet to reveal any specific date for the new Macbook Pro production beginning, as the total production of new-generation Macbook Pro models are depended on the availability of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. The new Macbook Pro 13” and 15” models are rumored to be getting a slim design like the Macbook Air models, and will not carry the traditional optical drives like the Macbook Airs.