Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

App Store Has Served More Downloads Than Apple iTunes Music Store

We have already got hints from the last report of Apple that this going to happen in near future, and now the news is here. Finally Apple has some service which they can considered as a rival of their iTunes. It is reported that for the very first time App Store has provide more downloads than Apple’s iTunes music store, this thing is already shown up when Apple announces that App Store has served more than 15 billion download with in just 3 years, there is no secret behind the Apple’s App Store success.  It is really impressive stats for the company because App Store has only been around for three years.

Asymo firm has just revealed a report which suggests that App Store has serve more apps download than iTunes Music Store, While the App Store reached 15 billion downloads in just three years, it took nearly seven years for the iTunes music store to reach the same goal. The news report suggests that users are downloading apps from App Store at the triple rate of song tracks.