Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

iPad 2 Hits With Antennagate “Death Grip” Issue

Whaat! It’s not good having so many issues with Apple. First iPhone 4 was getting the headache of to Death Grip, the Antennagate issueĀ  and now its comes with iPad 2 too but only in limited stock. The main point is that it’s coming in WiFi models šŸ˜› šŸ˜› People behind AppAdvice diged this problem and the reader of AppAdviceĀ Eric BorkowskiĀ said:

Seems the ipad2 has antenna gate also, I have noticed this for awhile. If I hold the ipad 2 on the sides my wifi drops to 2 bars but when I move my hand away from the left side it speeds up again. I guess if I bought a case for it that would [m]ake it go away. Has anyone else said anything about this?

He also posted a video showing the rotating wheel going on and on


The only one way which we can say or recommend is to change your unit from the nearest Apple retailer. Apple’s gotta think on it