Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Another Video Of Fake iPhone 5 From China Hits The Web

Before a week there was a video leak in which the iPhone 5 had 6 inches display with a gorgeous design but wasn’t confirmed. Today another video is seen on the web of iPhone 5. It’s not slim but is a bit curved and is white color. The siding is not of stainless steel as of iPhone 4, but it has a brush metal look.

To be honest its on sale in China at a price of $108. It’s running on a Java based OS. China is just rocking and to know why.. It’s 7mm thin while iPhone 4 is 9.2mm isn’t it great ? After opening fake Apple Stores in China the fake iPhone’s, iPad’s and iPod’s are getting more powerful than the original ones. Apple should hire Chinese engineers. Well if you go in depth of all the leaks, on every iPhone, iPad and iPod it’s engraved

Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China.

iPhone 5 gets shipped to assemble in China and Chinese geeks copy them and selling them before Apple. Below is the video of fake iPhone 5