Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

How To Add Cool Animations On iOS Dock Icons With AnimateDock

There are already ton of tweaks and applications are released in both App Store and Cydia Store to enhance your iOS experience with additional options in your device setting apps to enable and modify the newly added animations and experience features on your device. We have already seen some nice tweaks like Infindocks in the Cydia Store that aims to enhance your iOS dock and let you add infinite number of icons to your device dock, but the tweak doesn’t carry any special effect to add in your dock icons animations. Today a new tweak launched in Cydia Store, with name of AnimateDock, and allows users to add couple of different animations to their device dock icons.

AnimateDock is available in Cydia and developed by VincenzoBB. The tweak allows you to add some decent type of animations to your device iOS dock icons, such as ‘Zoom in and out’ animation to your device dock icons on the opening or close of any device. Moreover, it also allows you to select the time period of the animation on your device, and doesn’t add any additional icon to your device dashboard, only adds a new option tab in the of your device, where you can modify the work of the app on your device.

  • Scale 0.5
  • Scale 0.6
  • Scale 0.7
  • Scale 0.9
  • Scale 1 (Default)
  • Scale 1:05
  • Horizontal rectangle
  • Vertical rectangle
  • Rotation left 180
  • Rotation left 90
  • Rotation right 180
  • Rotation right 90
  • Zoom out and zoom in reversed

There is a cool list of animations and other details about the tweak, and the developer has also demoed a video introduction of the tweak showing all the effects on your device. The AnimateDock is available in Cydia for $0.99 on ModMyi repository.