Well I never got what Apple really did up with iOS 5’s boot logo.. When you have the fresh installed iOS 5 you get the fading Apple logo which is quite cool but its only for initial time and after that the booting comes up to the normal action. The initial iOS for iPhone 4S was iOS 5 which was revealed on 6th June, 2011 with up to 200 new features including the notification center, iMessage messaging between iDevices, Newsstand, Reminders and much more but the logo still disappointed.

The jailbreaking era has been providing us many access feature on our iDevices and one of it is of boot logo. Animate by Chronic Dev Team has allowed the users around the globe to install custom and automated boot logos getting free and paid both on Cydia and Animate to make them roll your iDevices.

animate fix for iOS 4.x.x/5.0.x submitted to @modmyi. It should work throughout all 5.x.x future releases. 🙂

Note: You’re going to have to wait until @modmyi actually processes the update for animate fix. It could be a few hours or so.

iH8sn0w tweeted about the Animate update for iOS but is not updated yet and we have been repeatedly checking on to the update which is not live yet. According to the tweet the Animate will work till the iOS 5’s end rather until iOS 6 😉 Stay tuned..

Thanks Anass Najah For The Tip.