Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Angry Birds Hits a Half Billion Downloads Mark

Rovio one of the most known game vendors has just announced a massive milestone of their company, and their most famous game named “Angry Birds.” As we all know very well, Angry Bird is one of the most popular and played games of the world. The company has just announced that their Angry Birds line, including Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Bird Rio has just hits half a billion downloads mark recently.

While hitting this mark, Angry Bird also becomes the world’s first best selling mobile application and as well as the most downloaded game title in the entire history of gaming. However, it seems that Rovio has planned something bigger than expected. The company is said to be opening in its first Angry Bird merchandise in Helsinki. According to the report, they have already shipped more than ten million of Angry Birds toys all over the world. Angry Birds is only going to get some different type of promotion from its developers. Rovio has also been gearing up its self to launch a story book on the Angry Birds

While all of these future plans, Angry Birds also have some mind shocking stats:

  • Angry Birds fans around the world have so far played a total of
  • 200,000 years of Angry Birds
  • 300 million minutes of playing time daily
  • more than 266 billion levels of Angry Birds have been played
  • 400 billion birds launched into action
  • over 44 billion Stars collected in the process
  • Angry Birds is the #1 game in 79 countries
  • Rovio’s YouTube channel has netted over 200 million video views to date