Sat. May 21st, 2022

Angry Bird Flies To Facebook Available Now For Everyone

If you are one of those users who come to social networks to play different games, and take a part in different quizzes around the networks, then here comes the most-wanted game for your Angry Bird. Well, Angry Bird is not the new game, but still people are dying for it and needed it on their Facebook accounts since the launch of the game on the rival social network hosted by Google, in Google+. Rovio the team behind the Angry Bird recently announced last year that they will soon launch a game for the Facebook Users soon, and the game was actually planned to launch on the Valentine’s Day.

But, it appears that Rovio has changed its plan and launched the game a couple of hours before the actual launch on the Facebook. Angry Birds for Facebook is available on the Facebook for all the users, and carries few new skills than any other version of the game. The new Angry Birds on the Facebook carries the couple of different tools to skip the toughest parts of the game with new capabilities of the birds. The game is actually based on Flash, and includes new power-ups, which are only available on this game version.

Basically, the new power-ups in the game, actively allow players to cheat and skip certain hard levels with a good strategy.  The four power ups are: Super Seeds, King Sling, Sling Scope and Birdquake. The new Super Seeds grows your bird size and allows it to damage more things in the level, so with the use of this new feature user could easily break most of the things easily with a single-shot.

On Facebook now you can easily involve your friends in the application and allows them to beat your highest scores on the social network while using all the new powers-up in the game.