Thu. Dec 9th, 2021

Android-like Pattern Logon Screen in Windows 8 Demoed On Video

As many way of login’s have been revealed till now, but this is a bit exciting.As everyone know that in the Android Operating System’s there is a way to unlock your device via a pattern selected by the user of his own wish. We think that Microsoft have decided to add some fun for touch PC’s going to run on Windows 8. A video has been revealed by My Digital Life in which the user is showing to access the User Account via pattern (that’s not a touch screen PC. the act is done by the mouse) and it’s a square type dotted box in which he fills the pattern and log’s in.

Have a look at the video:

Never mind the User Name 😛

As Microsoft have been trying to takeover the ideas of Apple, this time it’s going to be a good time for Microsoft but will sound a bit copied via Google 😛 Okay, after watching the video don’t think that the Password’s gone, it won’t because it is the first ever security thing 😛 This UI will not be so good for normal PC users but can be for the touch PC users. It’s also not attractive because it has already been used in Android based devices !! It has been leaked that Windows 8 is going to have a quick Hibernating system, which will save all the files and unsaved work on hibernate in 3 to 6 seconds further on it has also been said that there will be a code named application “Jupiter” in Windows 8 which will allow the hackers and developers to create application for Windows 8 and will be uploaded on the Window Store pre-installed in Windows 8, the first ever Microsoft UI store.

There are many things to talk about the leaked Windows 8, but the time will not stop 😛 As fast as possible the hackers are leaking new things about the upcoming Windows 8 and the Microsoft is being challenged again and again