Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Face Recognition Unlock Ported To iPhone

Apple iOS devices are already famous for their “slide to unlock” unlocking style on the lock screen, and already forced many other rivals to come up with something different in the market to stay in the hearts of users. Google has recently launched its next-generation Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) with a lot of different features, which attract iOS users to ditch iPhones over Android phones. One of the latest features of Android 4.01 was the face recognition unlock on the lock screen of the device, which act as a face recognition system on the device, and protect your device from others hand.

android faceunlock for iphone

The face-recognition lock system attracts a large number of users, and iOS users also wish to get the same feature on their devices, but until now, has not found any app or hack, which might port the face-recognition system from Android to iOS (iPhone). It appears that a developer from iOS community finally comes up with the project to bring a face recognition system to the iPhone with hack or app. It has not been disclosed by the developer, whether the port is a hack or a complete new application for the iPhone which allow users to unlock their phones with a face recognition system. However, the face recognition looks a lot similar to the Android Face Recognition system.

According to the developer, the application, he has built does not replace your default slide to unlock feature on your iPhone instead it’s a little stand alone application, which can work right after opening the device with slide to unlock the device, and soon it will be use for the digital vault on the iPhone and iPads to protect data. As reported by the developer, the application named FaceUnlock soon hit the Apple’s App Store platform for approval. The developer has not announced any launch details of the application, only sends the demoed video of its latest application for the iPhone, which brings the Face Unlock system to iPhone