Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

Android Gets Hit By More Mobile Spyware

NetQin Mobile has captured 2 new spyware programs that have been infecting Android phones. The two programs, “SW.SecurePhone” and “SW.Qieting”, can releaseĀ  personal information from an infected Android phone.

SW.SecurePhone is an app that has no icon and runs continuously in the background. The app gathers data from your text messages, call log, and pictures, and uploads them to a remote server. It can also obtain your phone’s location information and record sounds around the device.

SW.Qieting forwards your incoming messages to a monitoring phone.

Both of these Spy wares are reported to be mainly distributed in U.S. Both of the Spy Wares got no icons so it is very hard to tell and see if you phone is infected or not. Whether you don’t know or know whether you phone is infected, to help users stay safe, NetQin offers the

Following advice:

1) Download applications from trusted sources and check reviews, ratings, and developer information before downloading anything.

2) Pay close attention to app permissions. An application should not request to do more than what it offers in its official list of features.

3) Be on alert for unusual fees in your phone bill as this may be a sign your phone is infected.

4) Install a trusted security application to protect your phone.

You all must follow these steps and use some anti virus if there is one for Android Phones and be on the safe side. As Android is gaining popularity, so it is expected that the Developers will target this Platform and make more and more Infected Viruses for Android. So it is better to be on the safe side rather than felling petty for it.

via [itworld]