Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Android Gets A New Malware Which Hides As Google+ App And Answer Calls For You

Android was never clean of Viruses and Malware attacks. After some time Android gets hit by Malware or a Virus. As we told you previously that Android got some Malicious Apps and Google enabled kill switch to kill those Malicious Apps. Then after some time we came to know about another Trojan which records your call and send to the hackers.

Once again today like always some security researchers at trendmicro found this Malware App which hides its self as a Google+ App and records the call and other than that sends the data of GPS Location, SMS and call logs to the remote server.

The best thing is that the App is installed automatically on the hand set as a most famous App called Google+. The Malware is said to be the part of the previously discovered ANDROIDOS_NICKISPY.A and B.

The best thing is that Hackers used the App Google+ which is a part of social network and it’s not more than 2 months to the launch of the website Google+.

The unique thing told by the security researchers about this App is that it can record and answer the incoming call. They explaing the method how it works.

In order to answer calls, the phone’s screen must be turned off and the call has to come from a certain phone number in the app’s configuration file. Before answering, the app puts the phone in silent mode and hides the dial pad. And when the phone call is connected, the screen goes blank.

Its also noted that this App only works on Android OS 2.3 and below and those who got the latest OS are safe because auto answering is turned off in the latest OS. If you accidentally installed this Google++ App on your Android , so you can uninstall it by using the same uninstalling method and you will be safe.

If you want to know more on who can you be safe go here and be safe.