Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

And At Last Samsung Omnia 7 Users Start To Get NoDo Updates

First of all it’s not an automatic update, you have to update manually and no news for Samsung Focus for NoDo updates. Eric Hautala today posted on the Windows Phone Blog that

Today we restarted updating Omnia 7 phones. The restart is happening in phases. Go to the Zune software and manually check for an update. If you don’t see one today, look again next Tuesday when we plan to deliver updates to additional Omnia 7 customers.

And of course it will be having the latest NoDo update plus the 7392 security update. The people who updated there Omnia 7 devices in the last phase of updates, they will just get 7392 update to install. Eric Hautala says

If you installed copy and paste before we halted updates to Omnia 7s, you’ll just get 7392. If you get stuck during installation, please see this support article, which contains troubleshooting steps and a link to the new Samsung tool.

So the NoDo updates are at the ending positions because according to reports only the Samsung Focus is left and that’s also due to the build stuff i.e the peolpe having 1.3 are recieving updates while 1.4 aren’t…. A long road of NoDo update should finish before the Windows Phone 7.5 releases or else this is really insane Microsoft 😛