Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Analyst Say That An “iPad 2 Plus” Will Be Coming With Improved Display

Rumor’s are increasing day by day with many new concept’s, idea’s and many relative thing. Today another rumor boiled claiming a new generation iPad which may be named as “iPad 2 Plus”. If Apple releases an iPad 2 Plus, it will be having the display with higher resolutions. This news was pushed out by an analyst “Craig Berger” from FBR Capital Markets say’s that the upcoming iPad 2 a.k.a in his word’s an iPad 2 Plus will have no major changes except a better display with the resolution increasing up to/between 250 to 300 pixels per inch which means a display of 2048?x?1536 pixel display.

Craig Berger also believeed that Apple will ship out more iPad 2’s in 2011, around 5 to 10 Million.