Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

An Increment Of Love With iPhone

Well the first iPhone launched back in 2007 when Steve Jobs’s claimed

I have been waiting for 2 years.

At that time it was nothing except iPhone, the Nokia and Samsung folks were the rulers and the BlackBerry was just around there. Apple brought a clean, impressive capacitive touch screen in the market with sprinkling Multi Touch which mainly attractive the consumers before that the “QWERTY” physical keyboards were the devices for the rich folks but first when the iPhone released it was a real ‘WANT’ kinda thing and if we think now about the iPhone it pops up that why shouldn’t we head up for any other device.. Well, guys the other manufactures are using the Apple ideas.

A book by Former Senior Vice President of Apple (Ex) Jay Elliot with Willam L. Simon “The Steve Jobs Way”, it had a wonderful line which we would like to share about iPhone

He loved the convenience of the cell phone but hated the heavy, clumsy, ugly, hard-to-use phones on the market, and that dissatisfaction lead to his giving himself and the rest of us the iPhone.

The love was already with the iPhone, a device with

  • An iPod
  • A Phone
  • A Web Browser

When the first ever iPhone launched on June 29, 2007 it topped 270,000 devices which were sold in first 30 hours and on and on. This is how the increment of love is described, the iPhone 3G topped 1 million sales after 3 days on, iPhone 3GS 1 million too, iPhone 4 topped 1.7 million after 3 days on and iPhone 4S topped 4 million after 3 days on….. It is recorded in the bases of a week too.

Thats known as love towards any thing which increases due to its want. Apple has entered the your lives
  • A Music Player
  • A Mac
  • A Tablet
  • A Phone
The amazing ones 😉