Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

An Enjoyable Tweak To Fool People – iSpoofem

There are thousand of  tweaks and each of them are very useful rather you should say that the fun which should be available from the App Store is now hitting Cydia. This tweak is an enjoyable free time tweak. This tweak will allow you to fool people or enjoy with them.

This tweak has the following features to fool/spoof

  1. Spoof Call: Call any one with a different Caller ID to spoof and you can record the call too. There are some features while calling which will change the pitch of your sound.
  2. Spoof Text: Just enter the name of the guy who you want to spoof, select the carrier, hit in the text and send it.
  3. Spoof Email: Just hit the email address who you want to spoof and write what you want too. Send the email from any address except your’s too spoof
  4. History: Last but not the least, you can also save all the fun which you do.

And for all of this fun you also need an account which can be created in the start of the application (First Start). Guess what, this tweak is all the way free from the BigBoss repository. This tweak will be working for five minutes but after transferring it to the permanent package the tweak will work fine with fun.

via (iPhoneItalia)