Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

American Airlines Saves Up to $1.2 Million By Adopting iPad

We have many times reported about the adoption of Apple’s iOS devices by organizations, the last thing we share was the adoption of iPhone 4 by banks in U.SA over the RIM Blackberry smartphone’s. Well, American Airlines such one of them who adopt iOS devices, and its reported that the company has start its pilot program for iPad this week, in which they give two or three iPad’s to the stuff instead of papers of in-flight charts, with this move they make paper-less environment plus they reported by using this technique they save up to $1.2 Million per year in fuel costs.

Yeah you read right, they save fuel cost? But how what is the relation of fuel cost with in-flight charts papers? Well its quiet simple but logical too. According to the research report by MarketWatch, the bags or bundles which contains the flight maps or other charts usually weigh up to 35 pounds and by converting it to the paperless environment by giving two to three iPad’s per flight, this method weighs dramatically low and therefore less taxing on fuel.