Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

American Airlines Gets Approval From FAA For iPad As Flight Bag Replacement

The American Airlines Pilot program seems to be a great success. Few months back we reported that American Airlines has started their Pilot Test program in which the Pilots will carry iPad’s with them, rather than carrying a 35 pound bag with them on flights. The main aim behind this Pilot Test program was to educate every Pilot of American Airlines on how to use iPad in flight and get rid of all those papers, maps, and heavy manuals. Another thing was to give some relief to the Pilots from all those heavy bags with lengthy manuals and maps. The Pilot Test Program urged to go green and user friendly.

By replacing those heavy bags with iPad , American Airline saves $1.2 Million/year. While keeping all the things stated above in mind, FAA have approved, American Airlines, to be the first flight to carry Apple’s iPad in the skies and during all the phases of flight.

The confirmation report comes from zdnet, stating that the first iPad Enabled Flight will take off on Friday.

On Friday, American Airlines is the first airline in the world to be fully FAA approved to use iPads during all phases of flight. Pilots will use iPads as electronic chart and digital flight manual readers. The airline will begin iPad operations on B-777 aircraft, and then implement across all other fleets. By using electronic charts and manuals, the safety and efficiency on the flight deck is significantly enhanced. Both the iPad I and the iPad II have been approved for use. Other airlines such as United, Alaska, and UPS are also reviewing this potential, but none have been approved to conduct flight operations in all phases of flight except American. This FAA approval cumulates the results from a 6 month test period whereby American flew thousands of hours with iPads to test and evaluate the product.

Till now American Airlines has been granted the permission for the iPad on flight as a manual. Other airlines including UPS, Alaska, and United are in process of getting approval for iPad as well.

The 1.5 pound iPad will replace the 35 pound hand book for the Pilots. This amazing decrease of 33.5 Pound will help the American Airlines to save up to $1.2 Billion/year. This will not only help to save $1.2 Billion/year but will also help to decrease injuries could be cause by the heavy bags and will help the Pilots to download the updates at the moment. It will also save time span of Pilots by giving on the spot updates to the iPad, rather than waiting for the new paper manuals to arrive.

American Airlines is going green by introducing the iPad on flight for Pilots. On the other hand the American Airlines kicked Alec Baldwin, the super star from the flight because he was busy in playing Words With Friends.