Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Amazon Released New Silk Cloud Browser For Kindle Fire (VIDEO)

Amazon has today touched the headlines of the publications by announcing a new Kindle Fire, which is rumored to be a real iPad Killer? Well No! They have launched the seven-inch tablet today along with a complete family of Kindle e-readers, which includes the $99 Kindle Touch and low-cost regular $99 Kindle.

Silk Amazon Browser

Amazon is rumored to launch its new Kindle Fire tablet with the deep customized Android OS, we have been hearing from couple of days that Amazon has done a lot of modifications to the Android OS for their Kindle Fire, and now today they finally showed up their new Kindle Fire with Android, we have already compare the new Kindle Fire with Apple’s iPad 2 here.

Amazon has also launched the new “Silk” web browser for its tablet, which going to be powered by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will be exclusively available only to their tablets. According to the early demo of the web browser it seems to be the split-browser similar to the Opera Turbo, which caches the requested web on the servers and provides the web quickly, in short Amazon has opened its door of Amazon cloud to all websites for free, for its Kindle Fire.  Check out the new demo of the Silk browser: