Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Amazon Launched The Mac Download Store, Face to Face Competition With Apple’s Mac AppStore

Woah, Amazon just up itself for face to face challenge with Apple, first Amazon introduce its cloud based music service and now it come up with a totally shocking news, Amazon has just released a Mac Download Store, which works same like Apple’s own Mac AppStore. Users can buy and install apps for their Mac from the Amazon “Mac Download Store”.

We are surprised on launch of Mac Download Store by Amazon, it makes us to think what things they are going to offer, because Amazon has tons of titles to offer users. Just like, you can buy apps, games and utility programs for your Mac. Here are the some of the things that Amazon Mac Download Store offers you: Office for Mac, QuickBooks 2011, Civilization V, Call Of Duty and tons more!


You can also check out the store by yourself, just head over to the Mac Download Store from here, you are all most welcomed to share your thoughts on it, feel free to share your thoughts in our comment section (below).