Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Amazon Holding Media Event On Wednesday To Launch Its Tablet

Amazon has start sending out the media conference invitations to the media, and high profile tech guys, Amazon has scheduled the media event for Wednesday, September 28th. As we have talked couple of time since the start of the year, Amazon is going to launch its own tablet. Amazon has not said anything about the announcement of the new tablet, but geeks around the world expects highly that Amazon will introduce its new low-cost Android based tablet.

Earlier this year, Amazon is reportedly working on its own 9-inch Android tablet, as the Apple’s iPad 2 killer. But the latest report suggest that Amazon is heading up to release its 7-inch Android based tablet with tight integration of Kindle and Amazon offered services. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler luckly got his hands on the unreleased tablet and noted that Amazon has totally give a new look to the Android OS to create its own look for the integration of Kindle and other offerred services.

Amazon is rumored to introduce its tablet on the half price of the Apple’s iPad, Amazon to offer tabel for $250. We have seen couple of tablets claiming the killer of Apple’s iPad, but none of them has not even get the perfect launch. But this time it seems that Amazon will kill the iPad’s dominance with its tabelt and offered services, such as cloud storage, music and much more.