Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Amazon Drops iPad From Offering List In China

It seems that iPad business in China is currently in really big trouble, as the Proview Technology claim rights on the “iPad” moniker in China. Proview Technology has already sued Apple on the use of “iPad” term in the China and now seeking for huge money from them in return. In the following trademark dispute, we have seen Proview Technology start suing Chinese resellers on offering the iPad in the China, and as well as pressurizes Chinese customs to ban on import and export of the device.

In the ongoing lawsuit, China Amazon has also played its important role by holding the iPad offers on their online store, including Amazon China many other local resellers drop iPad from their lists and want Apple to first clear their ongoing dispute with Proview Technology. China Amazon has just stopped offering the iPad in the China mainland, along with Sunning the retailer. The ban against the sale of the iPad is imposed right after Proview Technology claimed in Chinese court that they are the actual owners of the “iPad” moniker, and now they are seeking $38 million in compensation from Apple for the use of the iPad term in China.

But despite this, the iPad is still available from Apple’s online store in China, and many other retailers continue to offer the device. Apple maintains that Proview refuses to honor their agreement with the company and that a Hong Kong court has sided with Apple on the matter.