Sat. Jun 19th, 2021

All You Need To Know About Unlocking iPhone 4 Without Gevey SIM

In past we told you about that a guy named as DillADH showed us he did an Unlock without using Gevey Sim. Till now the mystery is Unknown how he did it.

Now a member on Facebook page stated that he Located the location the person where he is using his iPhone 4. He works at Apple so he was lucky to find his location.

This was about the location. Now coming on to the methods. One of users also posted us a full Tutorial on how make this SIM and make it work. We are looking onto it and it is in Chinese so it will take time for us to translate the Pictures and see what really is said in the Pictures and Description. Once we are done we will post on the tutorial on how to make this type of SIM and make your iPhone 4 Unlock.